Conference to Promote Conservation in the Metztitlán Canyon Reserve

In November of 2016, my coworkers and I, along with a group of community members called “Tihui,” organized a conference in the Convent of Metztitlán, Hidalgo, Mexico, to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the declaration of the Metztitlán Canyon Reserve as a protected region. The objective of the conference was to bring academics, government agencies, students, sustainable business-owners and community members together to share their knowledge on sustainable conservation practices. We expected about 200 people to show up, but ended up with over double that number. Presentations were given on local cacti species, research carried out by archaeologists, carnivores (including photos captured by cameras placed in key areas throughout the 8 municipalities that make up the Metztitlán Canyon Reserve) and conservation efforts being carried out by “Ecochavos,” an energetic, environmental youth group.  Between presentations, people visited informational stands of government agencies such as CONAFOR (Mexican equivalent to the US National Forest Service) and CONAGUA (a branch of the Mexican environmental agency that deals specifically with water issues), universities and sustainable business owners including “Aripica Dulces,” a group of women that make traditional sweets, and “Oaxaca,” a greenhouse for cultivating cacti to prevent illegal extraction. Additionally, we held a contest where students had to create their own carnivore using recycled materials. Below is a collection of photos of the conference that shows just a glimpse of what was accomplished that day.


The incredible location of the conference “El Convento de Santo Reyes.”



Students from the middle school of San Cristobal, Metztitlan perform traditional dances. 


Sustainable business owners share information at their stands. Product: cacti. 


Sustainable business owners share information at their stands.Product: straw baskets,hats and souvenirs. 


Students construct animals of the Metztitlán Canyon Reserve using recycled materials.


photo-8Students construct animals of the Metztitlán Canyon Reserve using recycled materials.


The wonderful people I worked with to make this happen: the CONANP team of the Metztitlan Canyon Reserve



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