Viewpoints from community friends

The director of Peace Corps Mexico asked for short videos about working in country. As part of the assignment, I asked two community members to share their views on our accomplishments. We took the videos with my smartphone, but unfortunately the files were too big to send over the internet, and after waiting 2+ hours for the videos to load at the internet café, the electricity cut out. I was unable to make the deadline, so I am sharing the videos now on Chai Time.

The first video is of my coworker, Pablo Verde Fuentes. We work with CONANP, La Comisión Nacional de Áreas Naturales Protegidas (similar to the US National Park Service), to improve livelihoods while protecting a region rich in biodiversity. Pablo is not just a great coworker, but a great friend. If there is anyone that has my back, it’s this guy. The video was shot in his home in Amajatlan, Hidalgo, Mexico.

The second video is of a woman I met in a dance class that I teach, Beta. Beta is one of my closest friends now and I spend a lot of my free time with her family. The video was shot at the community gazebo, with the church on the right hand side, cemetery on the left, and mountains with species of cacti in the background.

A big thanks to Pablo and Beta! Muchas gracias a Pablo y Beta.

English Translation: “Hi, I’m Pablo Verde Fuentes. I’m Priyanka’s coworker in the Metztitlan Canyon Reserve. Well, Priyanka and I have accomplished various things related to environmental education. We’ve supported each other, I have participated in in some schools with her in environmental education with children and young people. We’ve worked hard to promote conservation.”


English Translation: “Well, when I met Priyanka I invited her to my home. I introduced her to my wife and my mom who have spent the last seven years performing traditional dances from our state. Priyanka said she would like to participate with them (and teach Indian dance if they were interested). The group was originally between 10 to 14 people. When Priyanka first joined, well, no one wanted to participate, they were unaware of her culture. However, after three classes the women of Amajatlan were ready to dance her dance. Today, from 10 to 14 people, minimum 20 people show to the class and maximum 45. The women of Amajatlan have already performed a dance in public that Priyanka taught them. Well, I think Priyanka leaves in July. I would like for her to return some day to visit these women and see if they have continued practicing what they have learned of her culture. This is all Priyanka, bye!”

English Translation: “Well from Priyanka we have received a lot of good things. Let’s see, she came to teach us dance from her country and talk to us about her culture. It’s something very beautiful, it’s a motivation that us helped us, as women from this village, well, to be more united, and it’s something very beautiful that I will always remember and even though when she is not with us we are going to continue with what she has taught us, enjoying the beautiful dance that all we women who participate with her love so much. It’s something very beautiful. My name is Beta Hernandez Cruz and I am very grateful that she has come into our lives.”

Disclaimer. The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

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